None - 「すかっとぽいど」

Creator/Voice Provider Scottei


Range ????
Homepage Scottpoid and Shit

Character Item

Release Date August 12, 2012




Scottpoid 3.0 -  Download Link.

Lite VCV - Download Link.

Scottpoid POWER - Download Link.

Usage ClauseEdit

Please follow the rules of the UTAU program when using this voice.

Roleplay and Fanworks

You may NOT claim to own the name Scottpoid or his voice. 

Commerical Use

You may NOT use Scottpoid in any way to gain money, unless expressly given permission by his author. Their voicebank is free of use.

Political/Religious Content

You may NOT use  Scottpoid in anything illegal, racist, or defaming. 

When using their voicebank, please put the name "Scottpoid" on your work. 

When using in conjunction with other Vocaloids and Utauloids, the usage clauses of those voicebanks also apply to Scottpoid unless they conflict with their usage clause. In that case, their usage clause takes precedence for Scottpoid only. 

Impersonating the author is forbidden. 

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